Our Projects


Housing Projects

Educate and Feed Communities Foundation will be involved in building houses in selected poor neighborhoods in Haiti. These houses will be donated to eligible families to help them start a better life. We will use local labour and purchase most, if not all materials in Haiti. We believe this model, which sources labour and materials in the country where our housing projects are taking will create jobs and benefit the local economy.

Agricultural Projects

Educate and Feed Communities Foundation will start a number of agricultural projects in La Gonave, in the west of Haiti. These projects will provide employment opportunities to local inhabitants and the production will be used both to provide food to our schools and the rest will be supplied to local markets with revenues reinvested in our multiple projects.

School Projects

Many areas in Haiti are still in need of schools to provide education to the children and the youths in those regions. Educate and Feed Communities Foundation plans to build schools, in various regions of Haiti with the first school planned for la Gonave. The school would be receiving students for both primary and secondary level education.

School Feeding Programs

Many children in Haiti, especially those from poor families, die because of malnutrition. In order to help families of children attending our school, we will provide them a small breakfast in the morning and a hot meal around lunch time. We believe this will help the families with limited financial resources while making it easier for the kids to focus on their learning.

Electricity Projects

People in the countryside in Haiti rarely have the joy of access to electricity. We plan on installing solar panels in some hard to reach communities and distribute electrical power to households in these communities.

Water Projects

Every day, thousands of women and children boy and girls in Haiti walk several hours a day to collect water, which in many cases is unsafe to drink and sometimes deadly (cholera) due to lack of drainage and water infrastructure.
Educate and Feed Communities Foundation plan on building irrigation for the farmers and the community in areas that will be selected based on the most need.

Eliminating poverty isn’t easy

Our mission is to help the poorest of the poor have a better life