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Essential to emergency and development work are partnerships. Partnering together to help poor countries develop enriching the lives of their citizens. Our foundation partners will play a key role in the work we do abroad. Our partners will help us by supporting our vast range of programs which include emergency services and developmental opportunities, which will help to support the impoverished. We are grateful for their support and their commitment to our programs.

Please contact us via email: or phone: 613-316-4612


Monthly donors share our values to end poverty around our global world. They are here to help and work towards a better world.

Monthly gifts are essential to sustaining our operations. Your gifts help us delivery services to those in need. Your help means that we can build schools, educate children, feed the poor and build stronger communities around the world. Your help, will allow us to continue to grow our services and expand our programs.

We will work with many communities to help support those in need. We are commited through start to finish. Our services will leave an long lasting difference in the lives of those we support. Every bit counts, we are commited to ensuring that the funds collected will go to support these communities.

Please contact us via email: or phone: 613-316-4612

Eliminating poverty isn’t easy

Our mission is to help the poorest of the poor have a better life